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Most of us weren’t taught effective money management skills much less healthy beliefs about money and possessions. We “caught” what our parents actually did, and formed our financial beliefs based on the consumer-driven messages of the culture. No wonder the average American consistently cites money, the economy, and work as their top three causes of stress. “Everything About Money” is a course on biblical stewardship and effective money management based on the timeless principles and practices found in the pages of Scripture.

You may or may not hold a high view of the Bible. You may or may not profess to be a Christian. Whether you are a believer, a skeptic, an agnostic, or simply unsure of what to believe, the financial wisdom found in the pages of Scripture is incredibly practical and easily proven. We invite you to suspend judgment until you’ve had an opportunity to apply the principles and practices taught in this course. We’re confident you’ll discover what countless others have already discovered – Biblical principles are in fact true and powerful!

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Rock Financial Life is a complementary ministry that provides prayer, encouragement, biblically based guidance, and mentoring during your journey to financial freedom.  If you have any questions or would like a one-on-one meeting to discuss your personal finances, please use the "contact" button below.


Everything About Money classes are scheduled several times a year by the Rock Church in and around San Diego.  Additional seminars on topics and classes such as Estate Planning are also offered.  To see the upcoming events click on the following link.

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Session 1 INTRODUCTION...Financial Objectives Notes ASL
Session 2 MISSION POSSIBLE...Mandate, Design, Assignment, Power Notes ASL
Session 3 SECRETS OF THE BEST SELLER...Path to Prosperity Notes ASL
Session 4 RIGHTS & RESPONSIBILITIES...Stewardship Notes ASL
Session 5 SCORECARDS...Daily Tracking Notes ASL
Session 6 PINOCCHIO...Sowing and Reaping Notes ASL
Session 7 MILE MARKERS...Financial Goals Notes ASL
Session 8 PRIORITIES...Spending Priorities Notes ASL
Session 9 MARGIN...Budgeting Notes ASL
Session 10 JACK!  Freedom in Giving Notes ASL
Session 11 JOY...Nuts & Bolts of Giving Notes ASL
Session 12 JAIL...Debt Notes ASL
Session 13 SNOWBALL FIGHTS...Debt Elimination Planning Notes ASL
Session 14 PLAYING CRAPS...Presumption Notes ASL
Session 15 LIFESTYLES...Cars and Houses Notes ASL
Session 16 I DO!  Money in Marriage Notes ASL
Session 17 I WILL!  Marriage Hints & Helps Notes ASL
Session 18 RAISINS...Money & Kids Notes ASL
Session 19 COACH 'EM UP...Financial Training Tips Notes ASL
Session 20 BUILDING SUPPLIES...Eternal Rewards Notes ASL
Session 21 RADICALS...Life Planning Notes ASL
Session 22 HALL OF FAME...Heroes of the Faith Notes ASL
Session 23 HOME...Heaven Notes ASL
Session 24 BOUNDARIES...Making Godly Decisions Notes ASL
Session 25 FORWARD...Full Accounting Notes ASL
Session 26 LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!  Actions vs. Intentions Notes ASL
Session 27 CONCLUSION...Principles + Practices = Promises Notes ASL
Content Introduction & Appendices Notes







“ Since meeting with our RFL counselor, we have learned how to run a budget, remove almost half our debt,[more ...]”

Nathan and Ziba

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